Fabulous Fashionista: November Must-Haves

As the first days of November tick away, the temperature drops to the perfect fall weather. New weather means new clothes, which if you’re like me, is the most exciting part of a new season. So what are some of this season’s must have items?

Vests, vests, and more vests

Whether it’s Herringbone, puffy, or fleece, a vest is a timeless trend — like most preppy trends — that will never go out of style. this trend is one of the more versatile ones; light enough for the barely chilly fall weather, yet warm enough when layered with the right shirt to withstand the most snow day worthy winter storms. Bonus: vests are the perfect article of clothing to monogram and I don’t know about you, but I monogram anything I can.

Duck/Bean Boots

Bean Boots

With the perfect boots for fall and winter, L.L. Bean, pulled off a timeless classic with their famous Bean Boots. While these boots can be hard to come by (they get ridiculously back-ordered every year) they are totally and completely worth it. They’re cute enough to wear everyday but warm enough to withstand rain, end or beginning of year chill, and snow. For my northern readers, these are a must. Just a by the way, you can monogram these too.

Rain Boots

Rain Boots


With an abundance of rainy days throughout the fall and snow in the winter, rain boots are another must. Hunter is one popular brand with quality to match their reputation; however, they can be a bit pricey with their classic tall, black, boot at $150. Personally, I went for an alternative: Helly Hansen. These boots appear to have been discontinued, but the point is, if you’re on a budget or just unwilling to pay $150 for rain boots, any rain boots will rock in the less than shiny weather.

Rain Jacket

rain jackets


These are another essential to weather the horrific fall weather on those oh so gloomy days. In any color, I like the New Englander style with (of course) your monogram. The great thing about rain jackets is they not only protect from the rain, but they’re a cute addition to leggings or jeans.




I know, the shoes are plentiful in this post, but who doesn’t love shoes? Booties are a perfect shoe for almost any outfit: jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses, booties will go with all.

Some great stores that perfectly accommodate your shoe shopping are Nordstrom, DSW, Lulus, and even Charlotte Russe.

Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets, OH MY!

november accessories


From statement necklaces, monograms, and pearls, there’s always a reason to accessorize — and the perfect accessory to do it with. Personally, I tend to favor a statement necklace whenever possible, but sometimes going subtle is the way to go.

There’s so many options when it comes to accessories, but some fun fall trends to try are blanket scarves, and layering necklaces.

For example, a trend resurfacing from the ’90s and early 2000s is the choker. You can easily pair this with a longer necklace for a uniquely fabulous look.

Another popular option is the timeless monogram necklace; in silver or gold it never fails to spice up the simplest of shirts and dresses.

When it comes to bracelets, Alex and Ani never fail. I recommend wearing three to four together.

Lastly, earrings. My favorite pair that go with anything are hoops. In silver or gold you can match them seamlessly with your other accessories.

Those are the basic necessities for November as I see it. Wanna add something? Leave a comment!



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