The College Convo: Homecoming Edition

college-convo-logo  One of the largest activities of the fall is homecoming. While we’ve already experienced that phenomenon, October is prime time for homecoming at colleges across the country as well. But how does it work at these institutions of higher education?

  Homecoming tends to differ from school to school but the main focus is football and alumni. This in no way means that it’s not fun for students too. Read on and find out what to expect when you step onto your chosen campus in years to come.

  Kayla Herrmann (Alumnus) attends Miami University and described how homecoming works in Oxford.

  “We have a week-long celebration followed by a weekend of more events. The entire week is all about school spirit and pride, and bringing people together to celebrate a common love amongst us all; Miami University,” Herrmann said.

  Some of the activities included an exotic animal zoo in Uptown Park, a house decorating competition in which the winner received $500, a special homecoming dinner, a networking reception for students and alumni, an outdoor movie screening each night, and much more.

  While the events seem much more exciting than just the class competitions and parade experienced in high school, the premise is the same. Celebrate your school, let alumni come home, and have fun.

At Belmont, where Clayton Walker (alumnus) is furthering his education, the focus is, of course, on the alumni but there is plenty for students to do.

  There is a king and queen who are chosen through online voting; since Belmont focuses heavily on the arts, some alumni perform, and there’s a campus-wide tailgate before the homecoming football game.

To make the most of the weeklong festivities, follow these tips. 

Take advantage of the week and make plans with friends both still in school and alumni. Along with all the school-run activities, there’s plenty of parties and excuses to get together with friends.

Participate. You may have gotten into the habit of thinking you’re too cool for spirit week, but college is a fresh start. Get into the spirit of the week and show some pride for your new school.

Go to the football game. If you’re going to miss a game, this is definitely not the one to miss. Similar to high school, the atmosphere is amazing and fun. Tarah Wagner (12) attended the homecoming game at The Ohio State University and describes the fun.

“The passion for the school and overall energy was amplified even more than it already is. OSU is full of energy 24/7 and it was like something you’d see in a movie,” Wagner said.

Take advantage of all the opportunities. Whether it’s an exotic zoo like at Miami, or networking opportunities with alumni, don’t miss out on the unique opportunities the week has to offer.



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