Top 10 gifts from the Kate Spade Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner! One of the most exciting and often most stressful things about the holidays are presents. Whether you’re buying or wish-listing, read on to find some of the perfect holiday gifts from one of my favorite brands. Warning: Kate Spade is possibly my favorite brand ever, so I’m incredibly biased, but the products speak for themselves.

**This list is in no particular order**


1.Three Piece Stud Set

This set of three earrings are absolutely adorable and perfect for any jewelry collection. Gold and sparkly, what more can a girl ask for? Find it here: for $88.00.

2. Forever Mini Initial Ring

Some of the best gifts are those that are personalized. This ring, adorning the wearers first initial,  is a perfect, simple, accessory to any outfit. Ringing out at only $32.00, no wishlist or shopping cart is complete without it. Find it here:

3. Light Up The Room Scented Candle

One of my favorite things about winter is curling up inside with a fire or a nice candle (when the fireplace just seems like too much work), hot chocolate, and a good book (or Netflix). The perfect candle for that winter scenario is Kate Spade’s light up the room scented candle. There’s plenty of other designs too if the dots aren’t quite your style. Find it here: $40.00.

4. Gold Dots Thermal Mug

Whether you’re in high school or college, coffee is a morning necessity. What better way to drink coffee than in style? This classic mug will keep your choice of caffeinated beverage warm on your way to class or school in general. For $18.00 it can be a great stocking stuffer. Find it here: If you’re not the biggest fan of the gold dots, you can get the same great mug in gold stripes for the same price here:

5. Shadow Dot Pastry Pink PJ Set

I don’t know about you, but I always struggle on pajama themed spirit days because I mostly wear sweats and t-shirts to bed. When I actually have matching pj’s to sleep in, I feel like I have my life together — kind of like when your underwear and bra match. This pj set from Kate Spade, like all of her products, will leave you sleeping in style. Bonus: You’ll be the cutest on pajama day or at any pajama themed events. Find it here for $88.00:

6. Mohair Blend Beanie

Depending on where you live, December through even March can be the coldest of the cold. One of the most essential accessories for these months are hats. Kate Spade has you covered with this fashionable beanie. Whether you’re in high school or college, investing or wishlisting this now is a good idea to keep you warm and healthy throughout the winter. It can be yours for $58.00 and can be found here:

7. Born to Be Pendant

This is another personalized gift. One of the most used categories for people is the month in which you were born. This pendant includes your birthstone and is a versatile must to add to your collection of necklaces. Find it here: for $58.00.

8. Scallop Metro Watch

Scalloped anything is a huge trend; from shorts to skirts and dresses to even this watch, it spices up the simplest of pieces. While watches have become less and less prominent with the introduction of smartphones and Fitbits, sometimes the classis accessory is necessary. And if you’re gonna have  watch, you might as well make it designer and adorable. Kate Spade can help you out with that here: for $195.00.

9. Cameron Street Lacy

Wallets and purses are possibly what Kate Spade is most famous for so what would this holiday list be without a wallet? With plenty of room and 10 different color options, The Cameron Street Lacy is a perfect wishlist addition. For $188.00 find it here:

10. Cedar Street Maise

What better place to keep your cute new wallet than in your adorable new purse? This bag is small enough to take anywhere, but large enough to keep all of your daily essentials. Bonus: for only $10.00 more you can monogram it! Find it here: for $298.00.

Obviously there’s so much more great stuff in this year’s gift guide, but these are just a few of my favorites. Add them to your wishlist or be the best gift giver ever and make one a present.

Think I missed one that’s a must-have? Mention it in the comments!




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