Election 2016: Moving Forward

Well, America, we have a new president: Donald Trump.


I know, that’s probably all you’ve heard about the last few days.

Whether you’re a fan or not, the fact is, he’s the president-elect. And here’s the thing, whether you agree with him or not, the next four years are going to be an interesting chapter of history full of change. Whether that change is good or bad, we don’t know, but the only way to find out is to wait and see, not assume.

I hold the view that while he isn’t the ideal choice — neither of them really were — he’s going to be the president come January, so let’s hope he does well these next four years.

What can we expect from this political outsider? I can’t give you a definitive answer, but in accordance with his policies, we can expect the following, according to Donald Trump’s campaign website:


  1. Transformation of America’s Crumbling Infrastructure
    1. Under President-elect Trump’s policy, investments in transportation, clean water, a modern and reliable electricity grid, telecommunications, security infrastructure, and other American infrastructural needs would be supported. The states would be provided with maximum flexibility.
  2.  Review and Improve Cybersecurity
    1. This policy focuses on reviewing and improving cyber defenses and vulnerabilities and encouraging everyone — federal, state, and local law enforcement — to work together to respond to cyber threats.
  3. Reformation of Veterans Affairs
    1. Donald Trump has created a 10 point plan to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs and make sure America’s veterans get the care they need wherever they are.
  4. A “7 Point Plan To Rebuild the American Economy by Fighting for Free Trade
    1. The goal of this plan is to increase American jobs, wages, and decrease the trade deficit.
  5. Reduction of Taxes
    1. The short summary of this plan is that taxes would be decreased “across the board.”
  6. Elimination of Wasteful and Unnecessary Regulations
    1. According to Donald Trump’s campaign site, his administration will “ask all Department heads to submit a list of every wasteful and unnecessary regulation which kills jobs, and which does not improve public safety, and eliminate them.”
  7. A Rebuild the Depleted Military
    1. President-Elect Trump says that the Army Chief of Staff needs 540,000 active duty soldiers to carry out current missions, so Trump would work with congress to make this a reality.
  8. Use of a “10 Point Immigration Plan to Put America First
    1. The best way to understand this plan is to read it by following the link provided above.
  9. The Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare
    1. The President-Elect will replace Obamacare with Health Savings Accounts, a system he says will be patient centered and promote affordability, choice, and quality.
  10. A “Peace Through Strength” Centered Foreign Policy
    1. Mr. Trump’s foreign policy has the safety of the American people at it’s heart. This policy has the goal of easing tensions and ending the current strategy in which America tries to change regimes and build nations.
  11. Making America Energy Independent
    1. This energy plan has the goal of creating jobs and protecting clean air and water. This energy independence would allow America to stop relying on “nations hostile to our interests” for energy.
  12. The Lowering of the cost of education
    1. Under the president-elect’s plan, current federal dollars will be re-prioritized towards school choice. States will have the option as to whether these funds follow students to the public or private school they choose to attend. States with private schools, etc. will be encouraged to participate.
    2. He will also work with congress to make sure colleges and universities are making an honest effort to lower the cost of education. In exchange, they will receive tax breaks.
    3. Make it so college is more affordable and and easier to access and finish.
  13. A defense of the constitution
    1. Mr. Trump will appoint a justice to the supreme court with similar views to Justice Scalia who will uphold and defend the constitution.
  14. Making childcare more affordable
    1. This policy entails making childcare tax deductible for working parents.
  15. The creation of a “dynamic, booming economy”
    1. The president-elect has a goal of creating 25 million new jobs over the next ten years with his economic policies. He will utilize a pro-growth tax plan that ensures tax cuts to every income group.

While Trump may not have been your choice for president, come January, he will be president. Above I have outlined his plans and policies and provided links to allow you the ability to do further research on his plans and policies.

I hope that we as a nation can come together to root for our new president rather than letting the decision our country as a collective made, divide us.


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