New Season, New Closet: Your Guide to Keep it Clean

With fall in full swing, you might be finding your closet a little cramped. Have no fear, More Than Prep in Your Step is here to help! Follow this guide to ensure that your closet is ready for any winter fashions that might find their way to you this holiday season.


Go through your closet and get rid of any clothes you don’t wear. 

Don’t be easy on yourself, if you haven’t worn a shirt in a year or the tags are still on it after months, chances are you’re not gonna be wearing that shirt so give it up.

Check to see if there are any thrift stores in your area that will buy your clothes, otherwise donate them.

Invest in some organizational essentials.

In my closet, I have a special hanger specifically for scarves and one specifically for belts.


I also have hanging shelves where I keep my work clothes, tank tops, and extra bags.


I also have a nice little metal shelving unit that rests on my floor to keep my shoes organized and ready to be put on at a moments notice.


I keep my necklaces on command hooks on the inside of my closet door. It’s easy access and not too bad of a mess even when it’s totally unorganized (like it is in the picture).


For the rest of my jewelry, I have a little wooden dresser looking thing of sorts. Basically it has a bunch of small drawers that are the perfect size for bracelets and earrings. They can be purchased for low prices here.

Wherever you do your makeup, keep it clean. 

I am fortunate enough to have a small walk-in closet big enough to house my dresser. My dresser also has a mirror attached to it so I do my makeup there. I’ve lined my lotions and perfumes on one side, keeping my makeup mostly in a small, decorative, bucket on the other side.


While we’re talking about makeup, I might as well mention it: keep your brushes clean too.

Mary Kay Brush Cleaner is my go-to and it’s a miracle worker. I had a liquid foundation brush that was a hot mess. Scratch that, it was a regular mess. After a good bit of work, and the magic that is Mary Kay Brush Cleaner, it’s good as new.

The tips were broad, but they work for me. Have something you think this list is missing? Add it in the comments! What do you think is the biggest problem in closet organization and how do you solve it?



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