The College Convo: Admission Decision Edition

“This is not what I want. This is not what I planned, and I just gotta’ say, I do not understand,” Sharpay Evans said in High School Musical.

To be honest, Sharpay was being a little melodramatic in this scene, but if thoughts like the words in that quote are running through your head, you’re probably not being melodramatic. College is a big decision and getting rejected by the school of your dreams can be a huge letdown.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there’s a wikihow article for everything.


After an admission rejection, it can be important to let yourself feel disappointed for a few days. During these days, that article on wikihow could help. After a day or two, you’ve got to get past the disappointment and find a way to make the best of it.

Sounds easier said than done, right?

Don’t let one rejection – even if it feels like the only admission decision that matters – ruin the rest of your senior year or your college experience. There are plenty of great schools and although they may not be your top choice, you may end up liking them as much (or even more) than that dream school that didn’t have the decency to accept you.

I realize you may be reading this and thinking it’s too late, but it’s definitely not too late. There are a ton of schools whose application deadlines haven’t passed.

The Ohio State University, Ohio University, and Miami University all have a regular decision deadline of February 1.

Another less expensive option is spending the first two years of your college career at a branch campus like the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College. Tuition is about half the cost at a branch campus and you still get a diploma that says University of Cincinnati.

The application deadline for UC Blue Ash is July 1.

Want to get out of Ohio?

Penn State University accepts applications through at least January 31. Some of their most popular majors, according to College Board, are business, engineering, and communications.

The University of Alabama has great programs in Business, communications, and health professions. Their application deadline is February 1.

Read more tips for applying here.

Enjoy winter break and don’t let any rejections get you down. There’s a classy school somewhere that’ll take you with arms open.

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