Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

“In Omnia Paratus.”

Gilmore Girls has returned and to an extent, so has the life or death brigade who breathed these famous words in the original series.

That will be the closest thing to a spoiler that I write in this review of the reboot of a personal favorite show.


The new “series” is a four episode season representing each season in a year: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each episode lasts 90 minutes and was more than slightly disappointing.

Maybe it’s the years of loving, waiting, and hoping that followed the series finale in 2007, but A Year in the Life was not all I was hoping for it to be.

For the die hard fans out there: by all means watch it and decide for yourself. Even though I was disappointed, I was glad I binge-watched it. While I was glad to have watched the reboot, I still found mountains of problems. Here are the major ones:

Rory hasn’t progressed in life in the last 10 years and I don’t see an excuse explaining why.

Rory was arorylways such a go-getter. I expected her to be working at The Washington Post or doing something to show that she had made it big. Instead she’s a freelance journalist, struggling for work, having a less than Rory-like relationship with an ex (can you guess who?).

Either our beloved Rory has changed for the worst or Amy Sherman-Palladino has lost her touch (sorry Amy). I know it sounds a bit harsh, but would Rory really be having the existential crisis she’s having at age 32?

I have to think the answer is no, though our good friend Amy seems to think the answer is yes. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.

Mr. Kim either exists or he doesn’t and I’m pretty sure the original series decided that. 

During the influential first episode of the reboot, Mr. Kim just appears in Stars Hollow. After 7 seasons of no mention and no appearance that seems a little unnecessary and confusing.

This introduction might make sense if Sherman-Palladino created a backstory explaining his long absence, but no such explanation exists; he just shows up and disappears as fast as he came.

Tristan’s reappearance could have been left out and no one would have cared. 

I know, this sounds like a spoiler, but trust me it’s totally not.

Rory and Paris — still friends after all these years — make a trip to their alma mater, Chilton. While there Tristan Fields, Paris’s old crush (played by a different actor might I add) happens to be there too and Paris totally freaks out.


There’s a couple problems with this.

One: They couldn’t even get Chad Michael Murray to play his old character so why have the character at all?

Two: Why would strong, independent, Paris have this kind of freak out about a high school crush?

The plot was generally slow and not what everyone had hoped for.

I completely understand that Sherman-Palladino couldn’t please everyone with the reboot, but the first episode and even part of the second seemed to barely have a plot.

The beginning of the first episode was full of reminiscent touches; something to be greatly appreciated in my opinion, but five minutes of that are enough. After the introductory catching up, it’s reasonable for viewers to expect a plot that progresses in a timely fashion. That’s not what us viewers got in this reboot and I was honestly so disappointed.

Media is full of questions and hints as to whether the reboot will have a second season. The first season did end on a cliff-hanger (the last 4 words), but if the quality doesn’t improve, I don’t want to suffer through a second season. I say suffer through because as long as it exists I will be watching, but definitely judging (I can’t help it okay?).


Last one: The last four words were two words built up way too much. 

I promised you no spoilers so I won’t tell you the much awaited last four words. I will tell you though that they weren’t four words; they were two and a mean, awful way to end the reboot.

I know it sounds like I completely hated Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I didn’t, I just expected more from the same creators who made the original Gilmore Girls that I fell in love with.

You took the time to read my opinion, now it’s my turn; what do you think about the reboot?




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