The College Convo: Roommate Edition

The New Year is officially here and many of us seniors have been accepted into the college of our dreams. If that acceptance letter hasn’t quite gotten to you, don’t worry, it’ll happen!

After getting accepted, the next steps are to accept your acceptance, begin networking with your future classmates, and embark on the search for a roommate. As daunting as the task can seem, I’ve got some tips to make finding and choosing a roommate, a breeze.


Use social media.


During this seven-month period of waiting for move-in day, you can get a head start on meeting classmates, making friends, and finding a roommate by using social media. Most colleges have an official class of 2021 Facebook page that they invite you to join upon your acceptance.

I know you may be thinking that no one uses Facebook, but it can become an integral part of the beginning of your college experience. I’ve found it incredibly useful to get to know everyone.

After getting accepted to Syracuse University, I joined the official Facebook group where I was invited to join group chats through Groupme for the entire class of 2021 and for my specific college. In the last few weeks I’ve gotten to know my future classmates and continue to communicate with them through Groupme, Snapchat, Houseparty (a video chat app that allows up to 8 people in a group at once), and Facebook.

Loveland Graduate Joel Spencer found success through social media during his senior year as well.

He joined the UC class of 2019 Facebook page after getting accepted his senior year.

“It was a place where older students could answer questions that incoming freshman had, and also a place where you could meet other new students,” Spencer said, “There were tons of people posting short paragraphs about themselves and starting conversations in the comments section, all hoping to make friends and possible future roommates.”

Spencer was able to meet two of his three roommates through the Facebook group. This year, Spencer and those two guys rented a house near campus and remain good friends.

Try to choose your roommate instead of getting randomly assigned.

A Loveland graduate of the class of 2016, Ashley Mays, warned against getting your roommate through a random assignment.

“I know a lot of people who went random and ended up hating their roommates. One of my friends’ roommates left a note on her bed explaining why she was moving out after first semester,” Mays said.

Choose wisely.

Madi Stanley, a Loveland graduate of the class of 2015, picked a roommate from the Ohio University official Facebook group. Her experience wasn’t as great as Mays’.

“Our likes and dislikes meshed together well, but our personalities did not, something you can’t really tell from online communication,” Stanley said.

There are some ways you can try to avoid situations like that.

If possible, try to meet with your potential roommate in person before agreeing to room together. This is something Spencer did before agreeing to room with the guys that became his roommates.

It’s easier to get an idea of his or her personality in person or even on Facetime than it is through texts. If that’facetime_yosemite-svgs not a possibility, talk to them for at least a few days and ask the right questions before agreeing to room together.


Some of the most important topics to discuss with a potential roommate, according to USA Today, are study habits, the likelihood of visitors, Greek life, sleeping habits, and common interests.

Stanley gave the following advice to roommate seeking members of this year’s graduating class.

“Most of the time, everything works out fine so it’s nothing to get super stressed out about,” Stanley said.

None of these tips are foolproof, you might still hate your roommate despite your conception that you would love them.

“You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate, you just have to live well together. If worst comes to worst, all you have to do is sleep there,” Stanley said.

For more information or to get a template of a roommate contract once you find a roommate, the blog, Her Campus is a great resource for all things college.

Hopefully with these tips and the advice of current students, you can find success in finding a roommate too.

Where will you be attending in the fall?



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