Lady Gaga’s Superbowl Performance Was Better Than Expected

I’ve never been a huge Lady Gaga fan, but her Superbowl Performance exceeded expectations — or at least mine.

football real.jpg

While the beginning was more than a little rocky and the singing wasn’t always spot on, the performance as a whole wasn’t bad; one could even say it was pretty good.

I know, a lot of you stand ready to argue saying, “are you kidding? She was great!” To that I say, yeah she was pretty good, but for me, it wasn’t exactly up to the “great” rating quite yet.

While the quality did improve as the show progressed — which I prefer over the quality declining — it was a little TOO weird for my taste. I know, it’s Lady Gaga, what did I expect?

I expected political, and I expected weird. The reality wasn’t as outrageous in either category as what I expected, which I appreciated.

From the jump in the beginning, the acrobatics throughout, and the mic drop leading into another jump, Lady Gaga shined.

Throughout the performance I got the opportunity to relive my childhood through some of the classics performed, one of which was Bad Romance.

During the song I was thoroughly impressed with all the theatrics. I don’t know if the people in the crowd in front of the stage were dancers or regular people, but they had that light choreography down.


By the end, I’ll admit, I was impressed. Good job, Lady Gaga, you were definitely better than the commercials!

football vertical.png

Photos courtesy of: 1, 2

What did you think to the half time performance?



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