The Perfect Picture of Democracy

Inauguration time, to me, is the perfect picture of democracy in America. It’s a time of
traditions, a peaceful transfer of power from one president and his trump_inaugural_logo-svgadministration to another, and voices being heard. Whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, his
inauguration was a snapshot of the freedom we experience daily in this country.

From the peaceful protests on inauguration day to the Women’s March the next day, people exercised their right to protest and their freedom of speech.


To me, that’s democracy at it’s finest. If you, as a citizen, don’t think something that’s happening in our country is right, you have every right to protest peacefully. I condemn the actions of the protesters who became violent, lighting a limousine on fire and smashing windows, however.


A friend of mine, Hannah Frankel, took some pictures at the Women’s March in New York City. These are beautiful pictures depicting the freedoms granted to us by our great democracy in it’s truest form.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Images courtesy of Hannah Frankel.

Whether you agree with their message or not, this is one of the greatest examples of how protests in a democratic country are supposed to go. There are videos of protesters high-fiving police officers and happily marching for their cause; something I think makes America great.


What do you think is the perfect picture of democracy?



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