The College Convo: Scholarship Edition

The road to college, especially once you’ve been accepted, is full of anticipation, excitement, and reality checks. I know for me, personally, going over the financial aspects of my college choice, was a wake-up call.

One of the only things you can do to cut the cost of college is getting scholarships. While schools do grant some money, especially if they’re a private school, it’s barely ever enough to save you from the quicksand of student loans.

How do you find scholarships? Lucky for you, there are many of resources.


A great resource is Fastweb. This is a scholarship search engine that gathers scholarships from hundreds of sources. These range in award amount from a few hundred dollars to over $10,000. They even send you emails almost daily with new scholarships to apply for.

Collegeboard is a name we’re all familiar with and another great resource.

Just finding the resources isn’t enough. You have to get the money, right?

Here’s some tips to get those scholarships while senioritis closes in:

pixabay money vertical.jpg

Sign up for services like Fastweb that send scholarships right to your inbox.

If the scholarships are right in your email, it’s much easier to get motivated to apply.

Once you’ve found a scholarship you want to apply for, add it to your bookmarks on your computer.

This makes it much easier to find the scholarship again so you can keep working on it whenever you have time.

Add deadlines to a calendar you look at frequently, like the one on your phone.

If you miss the deadline, you definitely won’t win the scholarship. Trying to remember deadlines is a sure-fire way to fail.

If it requires an essay, have someone proofread it before you send it.

Even if you think it’s perfect, there might still be errors. When you’ve been looking at your writing for so long, it’s easy to overlook these errors and many scholarship essays are judged partially on grammar and punctuation.

Look at the requirements sooner rather than later so you can gather transcripts and recommendation letters before the deadline.

It’s easy to find a scholarship you qualify for, add it to your bookmarks and calendar and not look at it again until the day before the deadline. This can be okay if you only have to write an essay; however, many scholarships, especially the ones worth a lot of money, require your transcript and letters of recommendation. Starting sooner rather than later takes the pressure off.

Scholarships can be the key to avoiding student loans, so start applying! Have you?


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