8 YouTubers You Should be Watching

I’ve never been super into YouTubers, but once I picked my college, I started looking for any videos I could find related to Syracuse. This is how I came across the first YouTuber on my list, and then I found more and more and got fairly into it. So without further ado, here are 8 YouTubers you should be watching (click on their names and you’ll be taken to their channel).

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Margot Lee


Margot is a personal favorite because she goes to Syracuse University and if you didn’t already know, this was my dream school and is the school I will be attending in the fall (yay!).

Her most recent video is a tour of her dorm at SU and it honestly got me so pumped for next year which is one of the biggest reasons why I love her videos.

She also has done multiple Q + A’s about college and life which are v informative. She talks all about college which is helpful no matter where you’re going to school.

Another thing you can find on Margot’s channel are try-on hauls and general lifestyle videos full of information. She recently (meaning like a month ago) did a skincare secrets video featuring a line coming to the US soon.


Casey Holmes


Casey is primarily a beauty and fashion vlogger. She does a lot of try-on hauls with makeup and gives honest reviews of everything from high-end to drugstore products.

This is totally about to sound like a promo, so I apologize in advance, but Casey is probably my favorite beauty YouTuber because of all of the information her videos give.

She recently did a video on three of the favorite things she wore to New York Fashion Week. First of all, how cool is it that she got to go to NYFW? She has great style and this video gives some great ideas for outfits and hair (not that I can actually do any of those hairstyles tbh).

If you’re looking for new makeup or skincare products, Casey is a great way to vet them before spending your money. She tries so many different products all the time, there’s bound to be one that will work for you.

Clevver Style


The two girls who run this channel are absolutely HILARIOUS. To quote them, they’re “classy and relatable.” They generally do videos where they try beauty trends and low key make fun of them and slightly make fools of themselves in the best way possible.

Long story short, if you want a laugh or are in a bad mood, watch one of their videos.

Summer McKeen


This is another fashion and beauty YouTuber (I know, most of these are) but her personality is so fun which makes her one of my favorites.

She also has a lot of general lifestyle advice. EXAMPLE: she recently did a video on how she stays fit which was not only helpful, but v relatable.

When it comes to beauty, I love how she does her makeup and she has dry skin like I do which is always helpful for product recommendations.

She also has a vlog channel where she has videos about EVERYTHING which is really cool.



Katy vlogs about a lot of different topics. In a recent video she gave viewers an overview of her travel journal. She is so talented and artistic and I already am someone that wants to travel, but this made me want to travel even more.

She also has a series she calls the tmi series. One video in this series talks about one night stands, another talks about her biggest insecurity: her “thick thighs.” These videos get so real, which makes them v relatable (I know I’m using this phrase a lot in this post, but this is one of my favorite qualities about YouTubers).

One of my favorite pieces of advice she gives is “fake it ’till you make it.” She said that if you act confident, you’ll become confident; if you fake positivity after a heartbreak, eventually that’ll become a reality.

Another great thing about her channel are the videos she does with three of her guy friends. They are absolutely HILLARIOUS  and entertaining to watch.

Danielle Marie Carolan


This is another YouTuber who’s just super upbeat, fun, and full of advice.

Her favorite quote is “she believed she could so she did,” which personally, I love and this mentality is so present in her videos.

She does a lot of beauty and fashion videos with try-on hauls and get ready with me videos. In her latest try-on haul, she features clothes from a lot of online stores that are cheap and cute, which is v necessary in every girls life, right?

Danielle is also super relatable. Her mentality about life, and personality is one of the things I think a lot of people can easily relate to or find inspiration in.

She recently did a Q+A with her mom and their relationship is SO GOALS. They go on trips together, watch The Bachelor, and get along so well (they even have inside jokes).



This channel has a ton of super useful DIY’s and general vlogs showing the life of Lauren. Because of Lauren, I can curl my hair in five minutes, get deodorant stains off my shirt, and create the perfect messy-bun. In her latest video, she went to a movie premiere, plant shopping for her new apartment, and a stint of 32 hours of photo-shoots.

Not only is her life super awesome, but she’s so upbeat and fun which makes me feel like I know her and am friends with her even though I’ve definitely never met her before.

Lexie Loehr


Lexie is brand new to YouTube and a fellow member of the Syracuse class of 2021. She will also be joining me at Newhouse in the fall which is so exciting.

Her first video will be up soon and will be all about getting accepted into Newhouse and her last semester of high school.

Here’s the link so, GO WATCH IT! You won’t regret it.

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Who are your favorite YouTubers?



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