The College Convo: Prep Edition

The last months of high school are in full swing for all the seniors out there. Congratulations to all of you on all of your future endeavors. To those of you admitted to a college, these last five months before move-in day, if you’re like me, are excruciating. Personally, I can’t wait until move-in day and the start of my college career.

Even though there’s five months until the next chapter of our lives begins, there are some things you can do now to prepare.


Apply for scholarships.

Last month I explained the importance of scholarships and how to apply for them. If you missed it, check it out here.


Keep checking up on your financial aid.

Just because the university or college offers you financial aid doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything to get it. Usually you have to accept it, similar to how you accepted your admission. Keep checking the financial aid to do list to check for instructions on what to do.

Find out when the accepted students days at your college are and go to them.

I don’t know of any colleges that don’t have accepted students’ day for all of next year’s freshman.

At Miami University in Ohio, there’s “Make it Miami” days for all of you who haven’t accepted your admission and are undecided. Even if you’ve accepted your admission, this is still a great day to check out the campus again.

At Syracuse University (the school I chose) there are multiple Spring Reception days and an event called Own the Dome. I know many of you are going to other schools, but to give you an idea of what your college might have, I’ll tell you about the Spring Reception Days they offer.

You can visit the university any weekday and go to an information session just for accepted students, but you can also attend these accepted students’ days throughout April. These days are a mix between a regular college visit and orientation, something almost every college offers.


Own the Dome is something unique offered. Accepted students register to spend the night in the Carrier Dome and get to know other students while being immersed in the Orange culture. I’m going and will tell you all about it in a few weeks!

Find a roommate if you’re not doing random.

Two months ago, I gave you all the details on finding a roommate. You can find that here.


Start making a list of all the things you’ll need for next year.

If you have a Pinterest account this is a great resource for lists of what you do and don’t need for college. I suggest compiling all the lists out there into one “ultimate packing list” which you can find here.

Another great place to find not just the ultimate packing list, but a ton of articles to help you prepare for the next chapter in your life, is Her Campus. I know I’ve talked about Her Campus before, but they have chapters at most colleges in America and everything you need to thrive in college under their resources tab.

For other college preparation advice check out my other College Convo posts here.

Good luck, everybody! Stay strong, try to avoid senioritis, and start preparing for the exciting things to come whether that is at college or somewhere else.

Where are you attending next year?



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