Top Five Friday | #4

Welcome back, friends! This week has been hectic to say the least, (Which is why this Top Five Friday is on a Tuesday) so my Top Five Friday this week was inspired by the chaos. Read on to find my top five ways to stay organized, even when everything is crazy.

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Use a planner and a calendar


I think this is the easiest way to stay organized. Personally, I’m a very visual person and writing everything down in different colors helps me to not get bogged down by everything I have to do. With every task, assignment, and appointment swirling around in your head, who wouldn’t get overwhelmed or stressed out? Writing everything down on paper is an easy way to manage your time and stress. I also like to keep my whiteboard calendar updated. This is another visual way to keep everything together. I use different colors for different things and hang it above my desk.

I recently watched a video from Danielle Marie Carolan who suggested sitting down every sunday and planning out your week. I tried that this week and while I didn’t always stick to my plan, it truly did help. So shoutout to Danielle for having an awesome idea!

Make lists

Maybe I’m a little extra, but I love making lists in addition to using my planner. If there’s a large task I need to complete, I make a list of smaller steps to complete. For me, this is a great way to keep big, overwhelming things low stress.

Another thing I do, thanks to a professor I had last semester, is to prioritize. In my planner, every day I mark three things that HAVE TO get done. This is a great way to stay productive and manage your time.

Keep things clean

I don’t know about you, but when my room is a mess, I’m even more stressed out. Keeping everything clean can help to keep your mind clear as well. Taking ten minutes to tidy things up can help you to get in the right frame of mind to tackle everything else that needs done

Keep a healthy lifestyle

When you don’t eat healthy or stick to the right habits, you can easily become tired or fatigued. I’m a big fan of naps, but I tend to take three hour naps, which don’t help when I have a ton of stuff to do. Eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep are an easy way to boost productivity. I know it sounds simple and it’s what we’ve learned since elementary school, but it truly does work.

Step back, take a deep breath

Last, but not least, when you’re completely overwhelmed, don’t shut down. Step back, take a deep breath, and go back to my second tip and make a list.

Check out my other Top Five Friday posts here, here, and here. How do you stay organized and sane during busy times? I want new methods to try đŸ™‚



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