Weekend in My Life: Own The Dome

Thdome wikimediais past weekend I made the trip to Syracuse University and attended an accepted students event called Own The Dome. I know a lot of schools have accepted students events, but this one is unique; we slept in the Carrier Dome. That’s right, the same turf that SU’s football and lacrosse players own for games was my bed for the night on Sunday.
My life isn’t THAT interesting, but this weekend totally was, so here’s the play-by-play.



IMG_4125I met up with some friends I made through the Facebook page for the class of 2021 and our Groupme for Newhouse (The specific college at SU we are all in) at Destiny USA. If you’re ever in Syracuse, Destiny is the one place you HAVE to go to. It’s the mall in Syracuse and it’s HUGE. It literally has everything except a Vineyard Vines. The whole bottom floor is full of outlets, there’s restaurants, a movie theater, and a whole jungle play area with what I’m pretty sure was a ropes course. 10/10 recommend.

Check-in for Own the Dome began at five; this is when the real fun started. The concept
of  hundreds of 17 and 18-year-olds sleeping in a sports arena sounds a little weird, but the organizers of the event have it all down to a science. In the upper level of the Dome where, during a sporting event you would get concessions and stuff, we went through multiple steps to check in. Security guards checked our bags like they would at the airport, then all of our stuff was put into trash bags and we were given a ticket so we could get it back later that night. They then gave us our Own The Dome T-shirts and had us put them on. After that, the night began.

51286584159__2315C56C-72A9-4C6E-B521-4D52B93D9E4AWe were ushered into the stands to watch the marching band and cheerleaders perform. Then a few people made some speeches and told us that “Tonight YOU OWN THE DOME.” When they were done, we made our way to the turf (Which is much softer than high school turf) and began the activities.

We were put into groups named after notable SU alumni; my group was Ted Koppel. In our groups we played some team building games then had a catered dinner from Dinosaur Bar-b-q. This is another 10/10 recommend if you’re ever in The Salt City.


Next in the string of events were performances from student groups on campus. A hip-hop dance group performed, followed by an acapella group called “Main Squeeze” and a drama group that performed a scene from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

The hypnotist was the final act of the night. I could be super detailed about this, but I’ll just say if you ever get the chance to see a hypnotist, do it.

The night ended with free time to hang out with new friends and (maybe) sleep.


After three hours of sleep I went back to my parents hotel and got ready for the day. Here’s what it entailed:

We started in the Schine Student Center where the Dean of Admissions spoke to all of the accepted students and their families about what makes SU so special and great. The marching band and Main Squeeze performed again and we were sent off into groups based on our chosen program.

I, along with all of my fellow Newhouse students, made our way to the Newhouse Building where we were divided based on our chose major. We got a tour of all three Newhouse buildings (they’re connected), then got a ton of information about what our next four years hold from the Department chair of the Broadcast and Digital Journalism program. From here, we went to a Q+A with current Newhouse students while our parents went to a different Q+A.


After a brief photo-op, we made our way back to The Dome for lunch. There was an activity fair in there as well where I got a bunch of free stuff, including a stress ball in the shape of an orange, and information about clubs and organizations that interested me.

Then came the final activity of the day: the residence hall tours. I toured Day Hall which is one of two dorms on “The Mount.” They call it this because it’s the second highest point in Onondaga county. There’s a bazillion stairs you have to climb to get to or from these two dorms — luckily they had a bus for us.

While going off of three hours of sleep wasn’t the easiest thing, from beginning to end, this trip made me even more excited to start my time at Syracuse University.


I know this post wasn’t the most interesting thing you’ve ever read, but after such a great weekend, I had to share. Check out some of my other posts about Syracuse here.

Share your experience visiting either your chosen college or possible colleges in the comments below!



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