Top Five Friday | #5 | Products I Can’t Live Without

The Everyday Things Everybody Should Have

Friday Five.jpg

Everybody has those things they would be completely lost without. For me, there are 5 things that I probably could live without but definitely don’t want to.


Ignore awkward me, but this is my Yeti. Since, as most of you know, I am totally obsessed with Syracuse University and our mascot Otto, I got a sticker and put it on the front of my Yeti to make it a little more fun and personal. 

This is my go to “water bottle” for all beverages. Whether I’m drinking tea or just water, my Yeti keeps it the perfect temperature. I even slapped a sticker on the front to keep it personalized and fun.

Lilly Pulitzer Planner


I’ve talked about this before. I actually talked about it in last week’s post, but I could not survive without my Lilly planner. It is my best tool to stay organized and less stressed out. Plus it’s super colorful and has fun stickers; who doesn’t love stickers?

Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt


Shep shirts are easily the comfiest pieces of clothing that I own. They’re lightweight, but warm and perfect for any time of year. Whether it’s a cool night on the beach or a cold winter day, shep shirts are the perfect “sweatshirt” replacement. (ignore my bathroom in the above picture).

Colorful Pens


This is another tool I use to stay organized. I’m a very visual person and writing things in different colors helps me to keep everything straight. I highly recommend these pens from Target. You can buy them almost anywhere, I just picked Target.


FullSizeRender (1).jpg
Catch a glimpse of my sperry’s here in this great picture of my dog and I on a walk. They may be old, but they’re still well in-tact and adorable. 

I’ve had my Sperry’s since 8th grade. It’s now four years later, I’m graduating high school, and they’re still going strong. I wear them to work almost every time I work and they’re comfortable and cute. I have a pair with a fun pattern on the side, so you can see, there’s a variety of Sperry’s.

Hope you found some new essentials to make your life easier. What are they five things you can’t live without?



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