Hello Spring, Hello Fashion

I think it’s safe to say spring is officially here. A new season means new clothes, so what should you be buying for the spring and summer seasons?

Spring fashion.jpg

Sidenote: I have links to all the clothing and jewelry so you can easily shop the post!

Floral Patterns


shein floral.jpg
This top is simultaneously classic and trendy. It comes from shein.com which has free shipping and returns. Find it here.
old navy floral 2
This is a basic floral print from Old Navy that is great for the spring and summer months. It’s lightweight and flowy with a cut that allows for accessories which is always good. Find it here.


old navy floral
This shirt from Old Navy combines two trends this season: floral and off-the-shoulder tops. The best part is, things from Old Navy aren’t super expensive so you can rock the latest trends without going broke! Find it here.


This shirt combines something classic and preppy with something trendy seamlessly. It’s off-the-shoulder, but it has a scallop cut which I personally LOVE. Find it here for only $7 on sale.
nordstrom dress
This dress from Nordstrom has it all. It’s off-the-shoulder, it’s seersucker, it has an adorable embroidered pattern down the middle, and it has pockets. This is a personal favorite of mine for all of those reasons! Find it here.


charming charlie's
This set comes from Charming Charlie’s and is only $20! While chokers are a trend, you can get very classic looking pieces great for any occasion. This set has a great mix of modern, trendy and classic. Find it here.


vineyard rufflies.jpg
This isn’t super ruffled like some things you’ll see, but it’s cute and poofy and fun. Find it here.
rufflies 1
This is one of the more understated ruffled tops you’ll find this season. If you wanna wear the trend, but not go all out, this is the shirt for you. Find it here.

Trends are great, but there’s also some classics that last forever that, in the spirit of preppy style, should be in your closet too. Here’s a few of my favorites from some staple stores:

Vineyard Vines

Find these here, here, here, and here.

Lilly Pulitzer

Find these here. here, and here.

J. Crew

I could buy almost everything at J. Crew, but here are a few staples/ spring and summer things.

Find these here, here, and here.

I know this was a lot, but hopefully you found some things to add to your closet! What was your favorite and what are your favorite trends right now?



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