The Bachelorette | First Impressions

The Bachelorette came back on May 22 with Rachel Lindsay as the Bachelorette. She quickly became not only my favorite, but America’s favorite during her time on The Bachelor. The best part for me? She’s a lawyer! And that’s a track I will be pursuing next year in college.

Okay so maybe that’s not the best part, but it’s definitely a plus.



First Impressions:

The men

There’s a good mix of brains, brawn, and pretty much everything. A lot of them definitely had super cliche answers though, like c’mon guys, get original. One guy brought a marching band though; now that’s original.

Let’s talk about the guys individually:

Lucas is weird AF


Blake: can you not please? Talking about sex, libido, and testerone is a major turn-off.

Josiah: I like him, but maybe it’s just because he’s a lawyer and has an emotional story about his brother who committed suicide and the judge that helped to turn him around. Like, OMG I cried 16 minutes in because of his story; I think he might be my favorite. He works at the state attorneys office that gave him a second chance when he was a kid so he’s a winner, Rachel. He also made a lawyer joke *Insert heart face emoji here* omg.


Kenny said, “She is dope.” I’m out.


Will: I appreciate the attempt, but I didn’t like the joke. Hopefully she did.

When the men were all inn the same room I couldn’t help but think, SO MUCH EGO IN ONE ROOM!

Fred went to elementary school with Rachel!!! And she said “he was a very bad kid.” Sounds like drama to me.


Jonathan had a nice idea with the tickling, but came across kinda weird.


Then there was the penguin guy. um what? He did have a pun though, so… And then we met the crazy one… he had a megaphone. Not trying to judge, but like humor only goes so far. And there is such a thing as TMI.

Individual chit chat time:

Josiah went first; just scooped her up. Usually that would be weird but I love him so it’s okay.

The guy with the megaphone went from weird to hella annoying. There’s this thing called manors and you need some, sir.

Brian got the first impression rose… I’m surprised. Major lip action followed, omg.


She is so relatable; she’s a planner, like me and was skeptical during Nick’s season, but now totally believes in the process and is ready to find her husband.


The chit chat with the girls from her season was so perfect, too. Corinne actually had great advice, saying to let your feelings help with your first impressions, which I think can be really important. They also told her to give them the chance to give her the fairytale she deserves.. OMG.

I just kept saying to myself, “I love this so much.” throughout the whole episode

I know this post wasn’t super detailed or anything, but hopefully it helped catch you up on The Bachelorette a little bit. Who’s your favorite so far? Let me know below!



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