8 More YouTubers you Should be Watching

In the age of “netflix and chill” YouTube is a popular form of entertainment. There’s conventions, meet-ups and thousands of views every day. Sifting through the mounds of content can be tricky though. What’s worth watching? Which YouTubers are right for you?

The purpose of this post, and this related post, is to help you answer those questions.


Lauren’s Boutique


Like you may have guessed, this YouTube channel is run by a girl named Lauren. She’s a college student who creates great content about a multitude of things. Her three main categories can be found in the playlists on her channel: college, hauls, and high school.

If you’re an incoming freshman, check out this link for some awesome advice from Lauren.

Here are some of her other recent videos that deserve a 10/10:

TRY ON SUMMER CLOTHING HAUL!: Shein, Primark, Target 

What The First Week of College is REALLY Like!

How To Pack For College: Move In Day!

Tori Sterling


Tori is another favorite because she’s such an inspiration. Her main focus is beauty and health & fitness. If you’re looking to get in shape or start living a healthy lifestyle, subscribe ASAP.

Check out some of her recent videos:

How to Start Eating Healthy | Healthy Eating on a Budget | Detoxing Green Juice Recipe

Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle | How to Get Healthy

HOW TO CURL YOUR HAIR | How to Curl Your Hair with a Curling Iron

Brooke Miccio


Brooke is a student at the University of Georgia, so if you’re looking at or going to that school (or just college in general) her videos are a great way to see what college is like and get some advice.

She even has a whole playlist about college life (find it here) that is a 10/10 recommend for anyone preparing for college. If you’re looking to join a sorority, check out these videos for advice about that.

She makes content about more than just college though. She has videos about fashion, travel, and being productive. Check them out here.

Meredith Grace

meredith grace

Meredith is a YouTuber with a preppy style, so for many of you, her content is right up your ally. She states in her about page that her goal is to “inspire other girls by making them feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.”

She has videos on everything from fashion and beauty to college and advice.

Find some of my favorites here:

Comparing & Contrasting Popular Planners || Lilly vs Kate Spade vs Bando (& MORE!)

Fall Outfit Ideas: LookBook!

Preppy College Dorm Room Tour!

Morgan Yates

morgan yates

In the last YouTube post I featured one funny YouTuber in my list; this time, Morgan is my funny YouTuber. However, she isn’t just funny, she produces quality content that can be super helpful.

Morgan is a 22 year old who just recently graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. If you’re looking for videos about college (like I have been this whole summer) find them here.

She also does a lot of try-on hauls and advice videos.

Check out some of my recent favorites here:

Marriage, House Parties, & Roommate Drama | ROOMMATE Q&A

100 Signs You’re A Basic Girl


Hannah Ashton


This girl is the epitome of a Girl Boss. She’s a rising senior in high school, has a bomb YouTube channel, and an online business. While her content ranges, one of her main focuses  lately has been videos about being a girl boss, how to start your own business, how to be productive, and other things like that.

This is one of my go-to channels when I need inspiration to be productive.

Check out some of her recent videos:

College Applications, Tours, + Decisions Ep. 1

20 Habits of Successful People! #Girlboss Routine


Erin Noelle


Erin is another preppy YouTuber that posts a lot of fashion and beauty videos. If you have a preppy style, her channel is a great place to get inspiration.

Her channel is also a great place to get inspiration for makeup and room decor. Check out some of her videos:


Back to School OOTW | Lilly, VV, Old Navy & More!


Anna Azallion


If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you know that I have officially started a YouTube channel! I’m not going to try and say that my channel is anywhere near as good as the rest of the channels on this list, but I’ll get there. If you like my content on here, then the content on my channel will be right up your ally.

I focus mainly on fashion and lifestyle, but, like a lot of YouTubers, there’s some other content thrown in as well.

Check out some of my videos here:

Spring 2017 Try on Haul | J Crew, Vineyard Vines | Preppy Style

Dorm Haul | #2 | Syracuse University

College Prep | Course Selection



Hopefully you found some channels and some videos that you like. Check out this post and this post for more.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite is.




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