The Ultimate College Freshman Packing List

It is officially summer, at least it is for me, and the quest to gather everything needed for college has begun. Packing up basically your whole life is a daunting task to say the least, so to make it a little easier for you, I’m sharing my list. Obviously everything on my list won’t be everything on your list, but hopefully this helps to get you started (Sorry it’s a little wonky)

Packing List pt 1Packing List pt 2

For more dorm content, check out my first Dorm Haul on my YouTube channel next week. Find it here.

What’s on your college packing list? Comment below!



Prom Recap 2017

My senior prom has come and gone, so I thought I’d share it with you.

I think my favorite thing about prom is the pampering before hand and the mini photoshoot that occurs when we take pictures. I got my nails and hair done, but did my own makeup.

Here’s some pictures from the night:

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Spring Try-on Haul 2017 | Update Your Preppy Wardrobe

Hello friends!

This is a different kind of blog post from other ones that I’ve done because this is in collaboration with a YouTube video I made on my BRAND NEW CHANNEL. So watch the video below, then read on so you can update your wardrobe with some of my favorite spring outfits!

** Disclaimer: I do work at Vineyard Vines, one of the stores featured in this haul, but this is not a sponsored post or video. I am not receiving any compensation for this and my thoughts and opinions are my own**

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What’s in my Longchamp Purse?

Everybody has their never leave home without items: phone, credit card, maybe some chapstick. I never leave home without my Longchamp purse and the items it contains. What are those items? Read-on and find out.


Lilly Pulitzer Planner


I know I’ve ranted about how great this planner is in the past (like here, here, and here), but it’s one of my never leave home without items. Check out those other posts to see why I love it and how you can use it to make your life more organized.



Especially in the winter, for me, this is an essential. I prefer to collect the free lotion you get at hotels and use that, but if you have any life-changing lotion recs, let me know in the comments!

Hand Sanitizer


As a slight germiphobe, I never leave home without some hand sanitizer. I don’t think I really need to explain this one more.

Chapstick and Lip Stain

I hate having chapped lips so I keep the EOS chapstick that I talked about here in my purse at all times. I also keep the loreal lip stain that I talked about here in my purse for days when I’m wearing that stain.

A book


Right now I have the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

I know this sounds like a weird choice for reading material, but it was suggested that I read it before a scholarship competition that I participated in, so I started reading it. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to finish it before the competition, but I definitely will finish it soon for two reasons.

The first reason is that it’s actually really helpful and has taught me a lot about leadership and just everyday interactions with people. The second reason is because next year I will be living in a learning community at Syracuse University and this book is required to be in that learning community.

If you want to know more about any of this, comment below and let me know!

Emergency Medication


I have a food allergy so I never leave home without my Epipen and some Benadryl. Luckily the allergy isn’t bad enough that I’ve ever had to use the Epipen; Benadryl does the trick. I keep both just in case.



This one is kind of a no brainer. Right now, I’m using this wallet from Charming Charlie’s which I’m really happy with.


This is another no brainer, but you might not think of this one. You never know when you might need a pen, so I always keep one in my purse. It doesn’t have to be a good pen, just something that writes.


I take my Longchamp to school with me and pretty much everywhere else, so earbuds are essential. Mine aren’t good earbuds, they’re just cheap ones that came with my phone, but you never know when you might need to drown out your surroundings or listen to a video or song.


What are your never leave home without items?



Top Five Friday | #8 | YouTube Edition

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my poll from earlier in the week asking what this blog post should be about. I know that this was not the result, but I will have a collab pretty soon that’s on that topic; so don’t worry, you’re still going to get that blog post you’ve been waiting for.

I’ve already told you about some of my favorite YouTubers (You can find it here if you missed it.) But this week, I wanted to share my top five favorite YouTube videos lately.

YouTube Pinnable.jpg

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High School Hot Topic: Bathrooms

As high school comes to an end, I’ve been reflecting on things; both the good and the bad. One of the worst things about my high school is the state of the bathrooms. Maybe it shouldn’t bug me, but I can be kind of a germiphobe and the bathrooms at my high school aren’t helping.

Let’s set the scene, shall we?

Image result for public restroom

At some point during the school day, you’ve just gotta go to the bathroom and there’s no holding it until you get home, especially if you’ve had coffee. So what do you do? You go to the restroom your school building has provided you with.

Upon walking in, the smell let’s you know where you are. Begrudgingly, you walk into a stall only to find someone didn’t flush; after walking into the next one you find urine on the toilet (lovely right?), so you go to the next one — thank goodness this one is slightly less disgusting. Sound familiar?

7689044102_bfffe0cfeeHere’s where our experiences might differ: after doing your business you walk out of the stall and proceed to the sink to wash your hands only to find they’re equally as gross. After suffering through, you look for the paper towels like the red cross guide to washing hands on the wall says to, but wait, there are no paper towels. Just a high powered hand dryer… ew.

Do I sound dramatic yet? Maybe. But the point is, going to the bathroom is a necessity of life and at a lot of high schools the students probably find themselves feeling grosser when they walk out of the bathroom than when they walked in.

To me, this is a tragedy. The bathroom should be a clean place to relieve yourself and freshen up, but no. In my high school, and certainly in others, it’s a place to relieve yourself and hope you didn’t catch that stomach bug that’s going around.

I know, this was kind of an unnecessary rant, but can you relate? Let me know in the comments below.