How to Pack When You’re Going to an Out-of-State University

The whole college prep process can be daunting to say the least. Between packing up your whole life and moving it anywhere from 20 minutes to 200 miles away from home, and leaving behind the comfortable, familiar atmosphere you’ve grown accustomed to, the experience can be scary and stressful.

If you’re overwhelmed and not sure how you’re going to survive even getting to college, hopefully this post, and these other college prep posts, will help you.While those feelings can apply to more than just packing for college, that’s what this post will be focusing on today, and hopefully it helps!

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How I Made My College Packing List

Last week, I shared my college packing list for Syracuse University with you. Find it here if you missed the post. This week, I want to share with you some more tools to help you pack for college. Here are 3 easy steps to finding all the items you need.

1.Make your list

This one just got easier since I shared my list with you, but every person is different. Some of the things I need you won’t need and vice versa. To make my list, I browsed Pinterest and got ideas from other people’s lists. Find some inspiration here, here, and here.

2. Find the items on your list

Once my roommate and I decided on a color scheme (Navy blue and pink with gray and white as neutrals) I started looking for a duvet. I decided I needed a duvet since Syracuse is hot in the summer (and the dorms don’t have A/C) and super cold in the winter. If you’re in the same boat, I recommend this route as well, if not, you might want a comforter instead; it’s up to you.

I found my duvet at Bed Bath and Beyond. I talked more about it in this post and in this video.

After that, I started looking for the other things on my list. Target has a great feature on their website that let’s you create a college registry. I don’t intend on sharing it with anyone, but it gave me a way to create a wishlist.


They have you set the day you’re leaving for college and let you set a profile and cover photo. I used my favorite picture from decision day and a Syracuse University Lilly Pulitzer print.

target beddingtarget decortarget other

They also put all of the saved items into categories which the organizational freak in me loves.

Best Buy has a similar feature.

Best BuyBB 2

So does The Container Store.

container store 1container store 2container store 3container store 4container store 5

For some other things, I just bookmarked pages of things I like/need and made a folder full of these bookmarks.


I know at this point you’re probably thinking, “Wow, you have so many pillows.” Don’t worry, I don’t plan on buying all of them. You’re also probably thinking that I basically just gave you my college packing list for a second time which I totally did. I hope it’s at least somewhat helpful!

3. Prioritize and Buy

This is where things can start to get tricky. If you’re like me, you want to start with the decor. That’s not the smart way to do things unfortunately. The smart thing to do, and the way I’ve forced myself to do things is to prioritize what is necessary and most important and start with those things.

I made a list in the reminders app on my iPhone of things I want to buy in the near future.


I know, this list has some non-dorm things, but it was easiest to combine them and use the priority feature with the exclamation points to prioritize what’s important.

That wraps up another post in my College Convo Series that hopefully helped any incoming freshman to start, or continue, packing for the exciting year ahead. For more college related information check out my College Convo posts here and my College Prep series videos on YouTube here.

What’s on your packing list? Share it in the comments below!



The Ultimate College Freshman Packing List

It is officially summer, at least it is for me, and the quest to gather everything needed for college has begun. Packing up basically your whole life is a daunting task to say the least, so to make it a little easier for you, I’m sharing my list. Obviously everything on my list won’t be everything on your list, but hopefully this helps to get you started (Sorry it’s a little wonky)

Packing List pt 1Packing List pt 2

For more dorm content, check out my first Dorm Haul on my YouTube channel next week. Find it here.

What’s on your college packing list? Comment below!



The Collge Convo: Greek Life Edition

With less than four months until move-in day for all of you college-bound seniors, there’s a lot to do to prepare. Last month we covered all of the general things, but for the last edition of The College Convo, I’ll be attempting to help us all prepare for rushing a sorority or fraternity.

Basic RGB

I know Greek Life isn’t for everyone, but it’s something I recommend everyone at least looks into. I never thought I would want to rush a sorority in a million years, but as I tried to find my perfect college, I found more and more people that fell in love with Greek life, making me curious what it was all about. With benefits like a community of friends, community service and philanthropy opportunities, and academic and professional networks, it’s worth a second glance.

Image result for sorority

“My experience with recruitment was amazing, and I couldn’t be happier to have joined Zeta Tau Alpha. I have met the best people in my life and also had the chance to hold a director’s position – Director Of Philanthropy,” Kayla Herrmann  said. “Coming in hesitant about the process and having it end this way is the best feeling. I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends or experiences. Living all together my sophomore year is something I will never forget.”


If you do plan to rush, find information from the Panhellenic Association at your specific school because details vary from campus to campus. The basics tend to be the same, however.

“Rush Week” is generally stretched out over two weekends in either the fall or late winter. There are generally four rounds, which usually present themselves in the following order: open house, house tours, skit or philanthropy round (round three varies the most), and preference round. Then of course, there’s bid day where everyone finds out what sorority or fraternity they will soon be members of.

Image result for SORORITY

At the end of each round participants will pick which sororities or fraternities they want to go back to. This number gets smaller and smaller as recruitment progresses.

At Miami University, rush is right after winter break and takes place Thursday-Sunday that first week back, then the following weekend as well.

Image result for MIAMI UNIVERSITY

At the first round, everyone gets a t-shirt to wear. The next round is the philanthropy round where Herrmann recommends you wear a cute, but casual outfit. Next comes the sisterhood round where Herrmann suggests you wear business casual dress. In this round, participants learn about sisterhood retreats and hear personal stories from current members of each sorority.  The last round is preference round where you dress up in a dress and heels or flats.

Obviously, this is a bare minimum explanation of recruitment. Depending on the school, you might need to gather recommendation letters from alumni, or you might have to get to campus a week or two early to participate in rush (this is mainly in the south). This is why it’s important to check out the Panhellenic association’s website for your school to get all of the specific details.


Another great resource is the Sorority Rush Guide on

The biggest overall tips to survive recruitment are to be positive and happy, have an open mind, and have fun. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, right?

Good luck with the rest of your senior year and whatever the next four years bring!




The College Convo: Prep Edition

The last months of high school are in full swing for all the seniors out there. Congratulations to all of you on all of your future endeavors. To those of you admitted to a college, these last five months before move-in day, if you’re like me, are excruciating. Personally, I can’t wait until move-in day and the start of my college career.

Even though there’s five months until the next chapter of our lives begins, there are some things you can do now to prepare.

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